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NSC Auditing & Consulting

McStrong Safety Services has 2 Certified Third Party Auditors who can perform NSC Audits as required by Alberta Transportation. Transportation compliance is a necessity to being in the industry and it is the responsibility of all commercial carriers to comply with provincial and federal safety legislation. Failure to do so could see disciplinary actions against the Carrier, up to and including suspension of the SFC. Our services include:

  • National Safety Code Auditing – Certified Third Party Auditors for Alberta Transportation 
  • NSC safety and maintenance programs 
  • NSC consulting – to establish and implement written programs
  • NSC monitoring – to monitor the completion and quality of the mandatory documentation
  • NSC Training

Logbook Auditing & Monitoring

McStrong Safety Services has a complement of staff who can assist with logbook auditing and monitoring. We insist on using supporting documentation so you get the true story behind the hours. 

Our services include:

  • Logbook auditing 
  • Monthly reporting
  • Preparation of government reports as required

COR Auditing & Consulting

McStrong Safety Services also has Certified External ACSA Auditors who can perform COR Audits. Our services include:

  • COR auditing and consulting
  • SECOR Evaluation Packages
  • Manual and policies development
  • Hazard assessments systems
  • Safe work practices and safe job procedures

Bus/Truck Certificates and Monitoring

Alberta Transportation promotes and monitors the safe operation of all vehicles, including those that transport passengers and goods. This includes ensuring all vehicles are licensed and operate in accordance with provincial and federal legislation. It is essential for this important sector of Alberta's economy to continue to achieve the highest safety standards.

Monitoring and Facility Audits

Alberta Transportation conducts investigations as a result of complaints from industry, the public, or government. The department also conducts audits, which use National Safety Code (NSC) standards to measure a carrier's compliance to both administrative and on-road legislation.

National Safety Code Administration

The National Safety Code (NSC) is a set of 16 standards used by all Canadian jurisdictions to enhance the safety of truck and bus carriers. Under the NSC, carriers must obtain a Safety Fitness Certificate and maintain an acceptable safety fitness rating.

Progressive Discipline Process

Alberta Transportation monitors the conduct of commercial carriers travelling on the province's highways for safety compliance and for the protection of our highway infrastructure. 

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Passenger Transportation Services 

In addition to obtaining a Safety Fitness Certificate, an Alberta Operating Authority Certificate may be required for individuals providing the service of transporting passengers. This includes charter, scheduled service, private, industrial or non-profit bus operations.


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