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Choose McStrong Safety Services for NSC transportation training in Alberta. We can customise the training according to your needs. Whether you need online training or classroom training, give us a call.

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Classroom Training 

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At McStrong Safety Services, we provide National Safety Code (NSC) transportation training which we customise to meet your needs. Contact our office to set up your in-classroom experience in Hours of Service, Trip Inspection, Cargo Securement and Weights & Dimensions.

Companies that pay for classroom training of 25 or more people in all 4 courses will be provided with the training material free of charge for their own future use.

Here are our next in-class training courses available in July 2019:

1)Transportation Safety Professionals Workshop 

Location: Coca Cola Centre Grande Prairie, KMSC Law Room (6 Knowledge Way)

Duration: 3 Days: July 3, July 4, & July 5 2019

Facilitated by: Angela Strong

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Course Description:

This is an interactive three-day workshop on the practical
application of the National Safety Code (NSC) standards for achieving full
compliance and attaining exemplary on-road safety results.

Learning Objectives:
Understanding the:
•National Safety Code standards
and their practical application in Alberta to commercial bus and truck
•Roles and responsibilities of commercial carrier owners, management, and
safety officers;
•Methodology of NSC record keeping that allows daily evaluations of vehicle and
driver readiness for work.

Learning how to effectively:
•Develop and implement effective
safety and maintenance programs that address the specific transportation
operations conducted by the commercial carrier;
•Evaluate a driver for competency;
•Assess prevent-ability of collisions and how to apply the knowledge gained to
prevent recurrence;
•Delineate collision prevent-ability vs. fault vs. liability.

Apply the philosophy and values of:
•Selecting and employing a transportation safety officer;
•Fostering a positive culture of safety to achieve objectives established;
•A professional commercial driver;
•Monitoring and assessing competency of drivers, management and other staff
within a highway transportation organization;
•Taking remedial actions to address compliance and safety issues.

Recommended Materials:

1.  Safety and maintenance programs used by your company (sample programs may be used by consultants or other transportation safety professionals that do not have their own);

2.  A copy of your company’s Carrier Profile;

3.  Copy of Commercial Vehicle Safety Compliance in
Alberta education manual;
4.  Access to applicable legislation, including the:

5.  Traffic Safety Act and related regulations;
6.  Motor Vehicle Transport Act and related regulations;

7.  Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act; and
8.  Federal Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulations.
9.  Motor Vehicle Transport Act and related regulations;
10.  Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act; and
11.  Federal Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service.

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