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Choose McStrong Safety Services for NSC transportation training in Alberta. We can customise the training according to your needs. Whether you need online training or classroom training, give us a call.

Online Training

Hours of Service Training

Cargo Securement Training

Trip Inspection Training

Weights and Dimensions Training

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Classroom Training

At McStrong Safety Services, we provide National Safety Code (NSC) transportation training which we customise to meet your needs. Contact our office to set up your in-classroom experience in Hours of Service, Trip Inspection, Cargo Securement and Weights & Dimensions.

Companies that pay for classroom training of 25 or more people in all 4 courses will be provided with the training material free of charge for their own future use.

Here are our next in-class training courses available in June 2019:


Duration: 1 Day 
Facilitated by: Angela Strong
Cost: $325 (includes all training materials)

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Course Description:

This training course is designed for commercial vehicle carriers who are Provincially Regulated. It is a 1 day course and covers the 4 required course for National Safety Code compliance.
This includes:
1) Alberta's Provincial Driver's Hours of Service for Truck, Tractor and/or Bus Operations
a. This section covers everything you need to know about Provincial Hours of service
including responsibilities, limits, exemptions, and enforcement.
2) Trip Inspection Training for Truck
a. This section covers Standard 13, the schedules, daily trip inspection reports, major and minor defects and documentation requirements
3) Cargo Securement
a. This section covers Standard 10, limits, securing and restraining, and inspections
4)Weights and Dimensions
a) This section covers weights, dimensions, and permits. 

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Duration: 3 Days In Class
Facilitated by: Angela Strong
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Course Description:
1) Understand:

-National Safety Code standards and their
practical application in Alberta to commercial bus and truck companies;
-Roles and responsibilities of commercial carrier owners, management, and safety officers; Methodology of NSC recordkeeping that allows daily evaluations of vehicle and driver readiness for work.

2) Learn:
-Develop and implement effective safety and
maintenance programs that address the specific transportation operations
conducted by the commercial carrier; Evaluate a driver for competency; Assess
preventability of collisions and how to apply the knowledge gained to prevent
-Delineate collision preventability vs.
fault vs. liability.
3) Apply the philosophy and values of:
-Selecting and employing a transportation
safety officer; Fostering a positive culture of safety to achieve objectives
established; A professional commercial driver; Monitoring and assessing
competency of drivers, management and other staff within a highway
transportation organization; Taking remedial actions to address compliance and safety issues.

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