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Consulting and NSC Safety Auditing in Alberta

Whether you need a consultation to review your site’s regulatory compliance or require COR or NSC safety auditing in Alberta, look no further than McStrong Safety Services. With 2 certified third-party auditors on staff, we can help you with your NSC compliance issues. 


We offer customized compliance services to our clients in the transportation industry and perform end-to-end site audits. Count on us to offer detailed auditing reports and solutions to safety and compliance concerns in real time. Our auditing and consulting services help you mitigate risk and save money through hazard assessment systems, customized safety training programs, and strict compliance with safe work practices and safe job procedures.

commercial vehicle safety compliance in alberta

Our Services

  • National Safety Code Auditing – Certified Third-Party Auditors for Alberta Transportation

  • NSC safety and maintenance programs

  • NSC consulting

  • NSC Training

Logbook Auditing and Monitoring

McStrong Safety Services has a complement of staff that can assist with logbook auditing and monitoring. We insist on using supporting documentation so you get the true story behind the hours. Our services include:

  • Logbook auditing

  • Monthly reporting

  • Preparation of government reports as required

Logbook Auditing and Monitoring

COR Auditing and Consulting

McStrong Safety Services also has Certified External ACSA Auditors who can perform COR Audits. Our services include:

  • COR auditing and consulting

  • SECOR Evaluation Packages

  • Manual and policies development

  • Hazard assessments systems

  • Safe work practices and safe job procedures

Let Our People Show You the Way

Traffic Safety Equipment for Rent

McStrong Safety Services provides arrow boards, portable traffic lights, delineators and more for your traffic safety needs.

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