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Image showing a traffic control car surrounded by traffic on a snowy road

Your Trusted Source for Traffic Control and Pilot Services in Alberta

With a keen focus on safety, we are committed to keeping worksites, workers, and the travelling public safe. McStrong Safety Services is a team of certified personnel that provides reliable traffic control and pilot services in Alberta. We also specialize in site security, safety programs, auditing, occupational testing, equipment rental, and NSC training.


Our field crew works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and have extensive experience to plan, prepare, and execute customized safety solutions dedicated to the transportation industry. We ensure the effective execution of each job by using our fleet of high-performance trucks, signage, radios, safety equipment, and pilot vehicles.

Complete Safety Solutions

Our McStrong teams are certified, experienced, and highly trained to effectively employ safety and traffic management systems on the road. Our safety services include:

Selective focus of danger yellow cord in a construction site

Certified Security Personnel

Rely on McStrong Safety Services for certified security personnel on your site to ensure your project is secure.

Let Our People Show You the Way

McStrong Safety Services are competent experts for traffic control serving clients in Alberta.

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