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A man in professional dress monitoring road

Cost-efficient Road Monitoring in Alberta

Are you looking for professional road monitoring in Alberta? At McStrong Safety Services, we've created a cost-efficient, database tracking system for road use monitoring across Alberta. Our trained personnel gather the information at the security gate and provide a daily road use report to you. This system will assist you when road restrictions are required or in charging road use fees.


Our roving radar patrols can further assist you in helping keep your road safe for all road users. Ensure your rules of the road are enforced by calling McStrong Safety Services today!

A man monitoring the road with a stop sign

What We Offer

Our road use monitoring services include but are not limited to:

  • Manned security gates

  • Customized road use databases

  • Daily road use reports

  • Monthly road use summaries

  • Road safety programs for private industries, including monetary penalties, assessments, and road monitoring

  • Assistance with creating and implementing rules of the road 

  • Radar patrols

Don’t see what you need listed, and you’re curious if we provide it? Call us and ask! We will gladly consult to help you achieve your security goals.

Transport Safety Auditing

We provide transportation safety auditing across Alberta.

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